My Latest Book

My Latest Book
By Jim Manago, Biographer (Shirley Booth, Huntz Hall, and Kay Aldridge)

Monday, April 3, 2017

Al St. John and My Search for A New Publisher

I have been enjoying the PRC productions that Buster Crabbe and Al St. John appeared. Simply put, John is SUPERB as "Fuzzy"! You can see some of his fine comedic talent in Shadows of Death. 

More to come on this subject.

I'm in search of a new publisher for a book on John and these "Billy The Kid" PRC Productions. I have several other very good ideas for additional books.

In general, I must say that there's a well-rooted critical view- but misleading nonetheless, that assumes something low-budget cannot be good. 

How wrong that is! It's the same mentality that will judge poor people as losers or having no worth.

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