My Latest Book

My Latest Book
By Jim Manago, Biographer (Shirley Booth, Huntz Hall, and Kay Aldridge)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

From Mayor of Wistful Vista to Borrego Springs by Jim Manago

“In character, Gale Gordon does something nobody else can do. He just stands there, not saying or doing anything, and all of a sudden he’s the balloon that makes you want to reach for the pin.”
                                                                                    - Bob Sweeney commented to TV Guide

". . . Oh yes, yes, I'm one of those spoiled creatures of our modern mania. I expect comfort, serenity, beauty, privacy, modern conveniences, and of course a sound investment. And that's rather hard to achieve. But I really believe I have found the answer to all of my desires, here in this valley. I first saw it some thirty years ago. Considered myself a pioneer. Today I one of the fortunate ones lucky enough to escape the tensions of big city life and live in peace and comfort - here.”                                  -  Gale Gordon speaking on-camera, A New Way of Life

From Mayor of Wistful Vista to Borrego Springs by Jim Manago presents the life of Gale Gordon, one of America’s favorite actors with numerous radio, television, stage and film credits. His impeccable comic timing and unique voice made him one of the busiest and most productive talents of the 20th century. Today, we remember him best as Lucille Ball’s foils, Theodore J. Mooney and Harrison Carter, on 1960s and 1970s television. However, he skillfully played dozens of characters in every genre, including Flash Gordon, Mr. John Wilson on Dennis the Menace, and so on.

This biography offers a survey of his credits, emphasizing over 20 years of his radio work where he developed his comedic abilities. It glimpses his tranquil home life, where away from the spotlight, his real life mirrored art, as he became the Honorary Mayor of Borrego Springs, California after playing radio’s Mayor of Wistful Vista. There on his desert ranch, Gordon lived a life that most of us would have loved to live. This book includes transcribed excerpts of some of radio’s best comedy moments when he played Mayor LaTrivia on Fibber McGee and Molly, and Rumson Bullard on The Great Gildersleeve.

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